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Need a Hand Around the House? 

It's the weekend. Time to relax. Well... not exactly. It's actually time to get caught up on all of those projects you couldn't get to during the week... like getting the washer fixed, replacing that broken window or cleaning the gutters. And the "to-do" list just goes on and on...

Who can you turn to if you need some help tackling those irritating household maintenance, repair and remodeling chores?  Alameda Home Repair, of course!

I Fix What's Broken...And Much More 

From fixing a broken appliance to installing a new overhead light fixture to weatherizing your home. When you call Alameda Home Repair, you can expect affordable solutions to a wide variety of home repair problems. I also take on projects you might not expect from a home repair service, things like landscaping, installing garage and closet organizers or assembling grills and home exercise equipment.

Call Alameda Home Repair today
and let me handle all of your home repair needs!

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